A Day To Remember

Where were you 12 years ago today?  I remember being in such a hurry#  I had just ran through the terminal at DIA#  I was buying a cup of coffee before I was to board a plane for a business trip# At the counter I watched on the tv as a plane went into tower 1# I then boarded a plane as if I had watched a movie instead of the reality of what it was#  I remember them deplaning the air craft and a stewardess telling me they think that there were numerous other attacks happening that day#   Needless to say the plane never took off and the world was never the same#

Twelve years ago this morning, our country was attacked maliciously and without provocation# Remember those who died, those who lived, and those who stepped in to harm's way then and there to guaranty our safety and security#

Say your prayers, hug your loved ones, and never forget the tragedy of the situation and the triumph of the human spirit our country showed in the wake of it all#