Is it time to move? Does your current house fit your needs? Does it seem like  many of your friends and family are moving?? Are you wondering what it would take to find that next home?

Market conditions around the country have presented an opportunity like no other for those who are looking to make the jump to the next home.  Many people are moving up to their dream home.

In July, the Denver MLS showed stats of 6,451 homes on the market.  There were  4,922 sales in that month.  That is saying we have less then two months of homes on the market.  This by national trends would make it a sellers market.  On the other hand,  when you have a limited pool of buyers as we do in Denver, plus a low interest rate, this tends to give strength to the buyers.   What does this mean to you?  Maybe, now is the perfect time to start reviewing your real estate portfolio.  Whether you buy now or you wait for the next couple years, be ready