The flood waters have come-- now what?

Whether it is flood, snow, fire or tornado's in most cases we are never prepared.  Who would be prepared for the 100 year flood?  Or the amount of rain in two days that part of the state sees most of the year?  So what do you do now?  Here are a couple tips.  In most cases you are in a hurry.  Your property has been damage and you need to get it fixed.  Make sure you do not short cut it and not check out your references.  Bad people come out of the wood work when catastrophes happen.  Do not let yourself become a victim.

*Have an annual insurance checkup with your agent to ensure coverage.

*Keep policies stored in a high and accessible place such as an upper floor or a shelf off the floor.

*Assess damage to the property, and call an agent immediately.

*Make temporary repairs but only if it is structurally safe.

*Keep receipts for all expenditures that might be covered.

*Check the National Flood Insurance Program website at for additional information.

*Do not stand in floodwater without adequate protection: It can conduct electricity or contain harmful bacteria.