You are under contract!  It seems like you are through the tough part.  Time to take a breath.  Now the inspection.  The house is solid, safe and sound and the seller has agreed to replace the hot water heater but not fix a hole in a screen door.  How can this be?  This makes you angry. This home should be perfect. Maybe you will not buy the home.  A $100 fix is making someone think about walking away from a $350,000 home?  This seems like a stretch, but it happens more often then you think.

Sellers do not want to leave any money on the table.  Buyers are afraid that they are going to be taken advantage of.  Everyone is going to come away with a bad deal.  In most cases this is not what happen, but the chaos is apart of the process.  How do you make the most of the situation?

Focus on the end deal. Before you ever put your home on the market or  get in a car to look for a home know what the goal is.  It should not just be "Sell a home" or "Buy a home".  Know,  is it to live in a certain area? To sell in a certain amount of time so you can close on your new home? To make sure that you are in certain school district?  This list could go on...

Finally, you hired someone who knows what they are doing?  They negotiate 100's of contracts?  They know the break down of what is needed and what is wanted?  Are you listening to them?  Do not be involved in a real estate hit and run.  Choose to avaid these pitfalls.