Everybody was appreciative Saturday night going to bed and getting an extra hours worth of sleep whether they were looking forward or not. But what does that hour do for you? I found this great little piece of marketing material but laid out some of the things that happen in an hour and how it affects you when it comes to your real estate. Every hour in the United States 624 homes sell. To put that perspective, the entire Denver market would be sold completely out of inventory in 10 hours.

Every hour in the US, 347 homes regain positive equity. That’s giving you something to think about! That means homes are going from being “upside down“ to being on the right side of the value market. Very amazing if you ask me!

The final point of the article said was that the median home value in the United States goes up by $1.13 every hour. That’s right, every 30 minutes you are making an extra $.57!

Just think: if you’ve lived in your home for a long time you have seen your equity grow and grow and grow. Living in Denver I’m sure that number might even be a little higher, so give us a call and let’s see where you are in The market and how we can help you understand what the hours have done for you.