This morning we were doing a little research for a client on homes in the south end of Denver.  This information was interesting and we thought we would share.  If you were to get in a car today to look for a home on the south end of Denver you would find  1,108 homes on the market.  This might sound like a lot considering at most times you would only look at 6-8 homes, but this does cover all price ranges.  The following is the break out of homes per community

Highlands Ranch  214   Average Price $460,546
Lone Tree              63                            $781,265
Centennial            245                           $502,993

If you are finding this information interseting check out the map search on our web site.  This is a great way to break down a community, but als dial down on a home.


All information was provided at 11am July 24, 2013